Formative Influences, Discipline, etc. 331
the University of North Carolina; C. L. Haywood, a prominent
druggist of Durham; W. B. Daniel, who later received his doctor's
degree from Johns Hopkins University and for many years was Dean
of'Baylor University; R. L. Paschal, for more than forty years
connected with the public schools of Forth Worth, Texas, the central
high school of that city being named for him; T. H. Briggs, a doctor of
Philosophy of Columbia University and a member of the faculty of
that institution and an authority on education; D. D. Dougherty of
Appalachian Teachers College; J. M. Parrott, a physician of Kinston,
and a member of the Board of Trustees of the College; Harry
Trantham, a Rhodes Scholar and a professor in Baylor University;
Oscar J. Sikes, a lawyer of Albemarle; Gordon R. Edwards, an able
physician; and hundreds of others whose lives have been a blessing to
their state and communities; it was their experience of grace in
revivals at the College that set these men on their way to useful and
happy lives. With many, however, the revival was only the occasion;
the chief influence with them had been the vitalizing religious
atmosphere of the College.
The pastors of the Wake Forest Baptist Church during President
Taylor's administration were : Rev. R. T. Vann, who had begun in
October, 1883, to October, 1889; Rev. W. R. Gwaltney, July, 1890
(elected), to June, 1898; Rev. J. W. Lynch, first pastorate, January,
1899, to September 25, 1901; second pastorate, June, 1902, to
February 10, 1909. In the school year, 1889-90, Sunday morning and
Wednesday night services were under charge of the members of the
faculty and others, notably Dr. William Royall, professor of English,
while during the interim between the first and second pastorates of
Dr. Lynch the pulpit was filled by members of the faculty and the
pastors of neighboring churches of several denominations.5
Reports of President Taylor to the Board of Trustees June 1890, and June 1902.
For the year, 1889-90, the Church voted to pay fifty dollars each to President Taylor
and Dr. W. B. Royall, and one hundred dollars to Dr. William Royall for their
services. Minutes of the Wake Forest Baptist Church, July 9, 1890. The salaries
were as follows: R. T. Vann, $600 Church and $200 by the Trustees; W. R.
Gwaltney, $800 from other sources and $400
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