332 History of Wake Forest College
Of the pastorate of Dr. Vann something has already been said. He
was bright, alert and witty and his sermons reflected these qualities.
Dr. Gwaltney had been a student of the College in 1860-62, had
served as chaplain in the First North Carolina Regiment in the
Confederate States Army, had resumed his work in the College in
1866 and graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in the first
post-bellum class in 1868. He had served pastorates at Hillsboro,
Mocksville, Winston-Salem, Raleigh (Tabernacle), and Greensboro,
and had led in building churches in several of these places. He was a
zealous and able leader and had an important part in the development
of the charitable and educational institutions of the Baptists in the
State. As chaplain he was much honored and beloved-by the soldiers
for his courage and utter disregard of danger in ministering to the
wounded in the thick of battle, and later he was revered by his
churches for his sincerity and zeal and sympathetic interest in the
temporal and spiritual welfare of all the members, for his
uncompromising stand for truth and right, for his wise counsels, his
devotion to his work, and his holy living, and his earnest, faithful and
convincing preaching of the Gospel. "That man of God," said a
widow of a Roman Catholic to whom he spoke words of Christian
comfort. In his first sermon at Wake Forest he declared that he had
not come to preach literature or science or politics or philosophy, but
to preach Jesus Christ as Saviour and teacher and comforter. And it
was this purpose that he maintained during the eight years of his
ministry. Those who sat under his preaching and heard his prayers
learned that religion was a serious and important concern and nearly
all of them were quickened to a desire for purity and, holiness. The
students in particular appreciated his warm and sincere interest in
both their
from Trustees; J. W. Lynch, $1,000 from Church and $400 from Trustees in first
pastorate; and $600 from Trustees and $1,000 from Church in second pastorate.
Minutes of the Board of Trustees for June, 1890; June, 1902; Minutes of the Wake
Forest Baptist Church, July 9, 1890; June 4, 1902. During the pastorate of Dr.
Lynch the Church became very liberal in the vacations granted, making the pastor's
vacations co-extensive with the vacations of the College year.
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