26 History of Wake Forest College
fered in 1869 also on Thomas Deans Boone, and in 1870 on William
A. Brunt and Julian Henry Picot. Of these Holmes, Kingsbury, Mays,
and Picot had never been students of the College and the degree was
conferred honoris causa. In 1871 the Master's degree was conferred in
the same way on John Bruce Brewer and John Edwin Ray, Franklin
p. Hobgood, but afterwards it was altogether an academic degree
conferred only on those who had completed a prescribed course of
The degree of Bachelor of Arts was conferred in this period as
follows: in 1868, on John Bruce Brewer, Henry McNabb Cates,
Henry Alexander Foote, William Robert Gwaltney, Franklin P.
Hobgood, Samuel Emmett Overby; in 1869, on Albert Hines Hicks,
William Hartwell Pace, Robert Samuel Prichard, John Cates
Scarborough, Roscius Pope Thomas; in 1870, on William Bland,
Samuel Wait Brewer, Martin Luther Fowler, George Washington
Greene, Robert Edward Royall, Charles Meredith
Of the above four were ministers of the Gospel. Of Gwaltney's
service as chaplain in the Confederate States Army something has
already been said.7
Until his death, December 15, 1907, he was one of the most useful
and influential Baptist ministers in the State, serving pastorates at
Hillsboro (1867-72), Mocksville (1872-76), Winston-Salem (1876-
77), Raleigh Tabernacle (1877-85), Greensboro (1885-90), Wake
Forest (1890-1897), Hickory (1897-1907). He was a Trustee of the
College from 1869 until his death. He was a great church builder,
having erected new churches in most of his pastorates. He had a
leading part in the establishment of the Thomasville Orphanage and
of Meredith College (Baptist Female University). He was one of the
most worthy sons of the College. Bland was first a teacher, but served
many pastorates in South Carolina and in Cumberland, Duplin and
Sampson counties in this State. He died March 9, 1917.
6 There were no graduates with the Bachelor of Arts degree in the years 1871 and
1872, but four to graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy in 1871, and
three in 1872. In 1871 Davidson College graduated a class of thirty-one with the
degree of Bachelor of Arts
7 Volume I, 630.
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