338 History of Wake Forest College
in the class of 1894, the one who has attained greatest prominence, J.
E. Yates, first turned to teaching, but later took a seminary and
university course and became a chaplain in the United States Army,
where he has attained the rank of Colonel. Of the class of 1896 was
Bruce Benton, whose early labors were in Louisiana; but for the last
quarter of a century he has served as pastor of the Baptist Church of
Rockingham. Another, whose labors were in his home State, was W.
C. Barrett. He was an aggressive and influential leader who
inaugurated several of the policies now in force in the Baptist
organized work in North Carolina. His last pastorate was in
Laurinburg. In the class of 1898 was A. C. Cree, for many years
connected with the Home Mission Board at Atlanta, and later until
1942 pastor of the Baptist Church at Salisbury. Another able minister
of this class was Joel S. Snider, who for many years until his death,
1941, was the bishop of the Fayetteville Baptists. The class of 1897
had as a beloved member C. B. Paul, an able and ardent evangelistic
youth with the fine eye of an eagle, who soon after graduation gave
up his life in missionary labors in the deadly pocosins of eastern
North Carolina. Another of this class was C. L. Greaves, who after
serving important pastorates in several states ended his labors in 1927
while pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Raleigh. Among the
many able preachers of the class of 1899 were two who have won
Southwide distinction; one of these is W. F. Powell, now pastor of the
First Baptist Church of Nashville, Tenn.; the other, J. Clyde Turner,
has devoted nearly all the labors of his life to the pastorate of one
church, the First Baptist Church of Greensboro, making it one of the
greatest churches of the denomination, while he has proved one of the
ablest preachers the State has produced. He has long been a trusted
leader of the North Carolina Baptists, and for several years was
president of the Baptist State Convention. A member of the class of
1900 whose labors have been blessed is O. L. Powers, who has
labored in western Texas. W. F. Fry of the class of 1901 also did
successful work in Texas, both as a pastor and as a college professor,
first at Simmons College, Abilene, and later at Lubbock. In the class
of 1904
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