Students, Graduates, Faculty, Publications 343
W. W. Barnes, of Southwestern Seminary; W. F. Fry, 1899, Simmons
College; T. Neill Johnson, 1898, Shanghai College; J. L. Kesler,
1891, Baylor University and Vanderbilt University; T. E. Browne,
1902, North Carolina State College; R. E. L. Yates, 1889, State
College, Raleigh; J. O. Atkinson, 1900, Elon College; C. W. Wilson,
1893, Eastern Carolina Teachers College; J. B. Spilman, 1890,
Eastern Carolina Teachers College; J. H. Simmons, 1888, Brenau
College; D. D. Dougherty, 1892, Appalachian Training School; R. L.
Paschal, 1891, Simmons College, Abilene, Texas; J. E. Ayscue, 1903,
Campbell College; F. O. Huffman, 1901, Gallaudet; the following
who have been members of the faculty of Wake Forest College: J. B.
Carlyle, 1887, Latin; J. C. Maske, 1890, Latin and Greek; R. W.
Haywood, 1894, Latin and Greek; H. F. Page, 1905, and J. C.
McNeill, 1898, English; in Medicine, J. B. Powers, Jr., 1901, and R.
E. Flack, 1901; in Law, R. B. White, 1891; E. W. Timberlake, 1901;
F. E. Parham, 1896; J. G. Mills, 1892; G. C. Thompson, 1888,
Keachie College; O. J. Peterson, 1892, Louisburg College; Bruce
Benton, 1896, Louisiana College; A. H. Olive, 1905, Howard
College; J. B. Bagley, 1900, Texas State College; J. I. Kendrick,
1891, Louisiana College; R. W. Cooke, 1892, and Miss Eva Belle
Simmons, 1890, Eufala College; H. A. Royster, University of North
Carolina and Shaw University Medical School.
A dozen of those who received degrees during President Taylor's
administration became college presidents. Leading these was W. L.
Poteat, who received his Master's degree from the College in 1887,
and became its president in 1905. Others were C. E. Brewer, 1886,
Meredith College, 1915-1939, E. W. Sikes, 1891, Coker College,
1916-25, Clemson College, 1925-40; R. W. Weaver, 1893,
Chancellor -Mercer System of Colleges and Secondary Schools,
1920-24, Mercer University, 1918-27; O. E. Sams, 1898, Carson and
Newman College, 1920-27; C. P. Weaver, 1904, Chowan College,
1923-25; G. E. Lineberry, 1897, Chowan College, 1914-1918; P. S.
Vann, 1897, Chowan College, 1919; R. L. Moore, 1892, Mars Hill
College, 1897-1937; Spright Dowel, 1896, Alabama Polytechnic
Institute, 1920-1928; Mercer Uni-
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