The Students and Alumni, 1866-70 27
Prichard purposed to go as a missionary to assist Yates at the
Shanghai station in China; with that in view he took further studies in
the University of Virginia, but this noble purpose was cut short by his
death from "galloping consumption," tuberculosis, on January 19,
1872. Greene was perhaps the most scholarly of the group, and,
although he took a full course at the Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary his chief work was in the field of education. In the years
1877-90, as principal of the Moravian Falls Academy he attained a
great reputation as an educator of boys and young men. In 1890 he
was called to his Alma Mater as professor of Latin, but remained for
only one year, when carrying out a purpose long entertained he went
as a missionary to China. There again he took up educational work as
president of a seminary to train Chinese preachers and other ministers,
and continued in it until his death on December 11, 1911.
Cates, Seawell, Hobgood, Brewer and Scarborough were educators.
Of Cates something has already been
Seawell was .a young man
of fine promise. He was active and prominent in the work of his
literary society, the Philomathesian, and in his studies showed
remarkable ability. While a student he served a church as pastor. At
the commencement of his graduation he was appointed tutor, and at
the next commencement he was elected to a
but his
untimely death came on June 14, 1871, at his Moore County home :
"snatched away in the prime of life, and one which promised much
for the glory of God and his fellow beings." 10 Hobgood, after serving
for a year as principal of the male academy at Reidsville, devoted the
remainder of his life to the education of young women, first at
Raleigh where for the years 1870-80 he was president of the Raleigh
Female Seminary, and afterwards from 1880 till his death, January 16,
1924, as President of the Oxford Female Seminary. Few North
Carolinians have meant as much as he to the educational betterment
of the young women of the State. He occupied many places of trust in
the" denomination; from June, 1879, until his
8 P. 12. 9 General Catalogue.
Phi. Soc. Records, Sept. 23, 1871.
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