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evening paper, and made it a journal of much influence. T. J. Pence,
1894, beginning with some Raleigh journals developed into one of the
ablest of the press correspondents in Washington, and won the
friendship and companionship of President Woodrow Wilson. Roland
F. Beasley, 1894, has had the longest journalistic experience of all of
this period, having founded and become editor of the Monroe Journal
in 1894, and having later been editor of the Greensboro Telegram and
other periodicals and since 1921 again editor of the Monroe Journal.
He is one of the ablest, sanest and most influential writers of the State.
W. D. Adams, 1900, also had wide experience as a journalist, first on
the Charlotte Observer and then as editor of an industrial periodical.
John Charles McNeill, 1898, was also for several years preceding his
death a member of the editorial staff of the Charlotte Observer. Since
1932 John Arch McMillan, 1902, has been editor of Charity and
Children, and has made it bright and interesting. H. L. Story, 1904,
has been editor of papers in western North Carolina.
Several of the graduates of this period have been bankers. Among
these the more prominent are W. W. Vass, 1892, one of the most
successful bankers of Raleigh, died April 16, 1941; Gilbert T.
Stephenson, 1902, long connected with the Wachovia Bank, first at
Winston-Salem and later at Raleigh; C. E. Taylor, Jr., 1894,
Wilmington; G. W. Blanton, 1893, Shelby; H. R. Harris, 1903,
Seaboard. In other lines of business T. R. Crocker, 1890, and W. A.
Osborne, 1891, were connected for many years with one of the great
tobacco corporations with headquarters at Saint Louis. Another who
has labored in the same line is E. L. Davis, 1904, Winston-Salem.
Several turned to farming and were successful in large operations,
among them being J. J. Lane, 1887, D. T. Winston, 1888, T. H.
Barbee, 1899, and R. J. Dew, 1899. Among those who have
conducted large and successful commercial plants may be mentioned
N. A. Dunn, 1894, Raleigh; H. E. Craven, 1903, Raleigh; W. L.
Wyatt, 1905, Raleigh; L. Cottingham, 1901, Dillon, South Carolina;
Claude Gore, 1899, has been a manufacturer of cotton goods at
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