Students, Graduates, Faculty, Publications 351
of the faculty often made contributions to the periodicals of the time.
The greater number of these were made to the Wake Forest Student,
and some account of them will be taken in the separate chapter
devoted to that magazine. Many also wrote for the Biblical Recorder.
In letters in this paper, from week to week, President Taylor kept the
denomination informed of the progress of the College. In it also, as
we have seen, he first published, serially, the papers of his How Far
Should a State Undertake to Educate? It was through the columns of
this same paper that members of the faculty who from time to time
were the corresponding secretaries of the Board of Education-Mills,
Taylor, Carlyle, Cullom-kept the interests of that agency before the
Baptists of the State. The Presidents of the College likewise used this
paper to stimulate interest in the many campaigns for endowment that
they conducted. In it Dr. W. B. Royall published numerous obituaries,
models of their kind, of the departed men and women of Wake Forest.
Its columns also were often used by Dr. William Royall, father, for
the publication of more serious studies, most notable of which was the
series entitled "Lessons in Morals," March, 1887, to February, 1888.
The author was contemplating the publication of these articles in a
volume to be called Morals for the Young, but his plan was
interrupted by the finger of the death Angel, January 3, 1893. They
have not lost their value with the years, but still constitute an excellent
manual of practical morals well mediated to the intelligence of the
young, and should by all means be generally available by publication
in a volume.
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