There was much of interest in the last report of President Taylor to
the Board of Trustees, May 25, 1905. The College had had a
prosperous year, 313 students, of whom 36 were in the graduating
class. In January there had been a revival at the Wake Forest Baptist
Church, in which the preaching had been done by Rev. L. Johnson,
and in which there had been several professions and baptisms among
the students; Dr. W. B. Royall, after a year in Europe, was returning
to his work; Professor Carlyle had secured the money for the Alumni
Building and most of the money for the erection of a college hospital
also which was recommended as soon as funds should be in hand.
Only lack of funds prevented the recommendation of other
improvements; collection on account of the Bostwick Loan Fund
should be used to pay the debt of the College; scholarships paying
tuition fees should be given, one each to the several Baptist academies
of the State, on the basis of scholarship; students should be required to
be vaccinated for smallpox; though the President regarded fraternities
unfavorably he suggested that if allowed at all they should be national
fraternities. Separate reports were made by the Schools of Law and of
The Bursar's Report showed receipts for the year of $35,528.72,
and disbursements 65 cents less, which amount was in the Citizens
National Bank. The charges against students for the year amounted to
$15,106.39, of which $11,979.97 had been collected in cash, 79 per
cent of the charges. The Treasurer of the Students' Aid Fund reported
a permanent fund of $6,485.55, loans to students amounting to
$10,305.37, a total of $16,790.92. During the year loans had been
made to 31 students to the amount of $1,649.36, and collections from
loans were $1,734.18. The report of the College Treasurer showed a
grand total of $286,932.87 endowment, and a total indebtedness of
$25,267.20, of
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