356 History of Wake Forest College
Medicine, and regenerated the department of Science; he has doubled the number of
students, and increased the faculty from eight to seventeen with seven assistant
professors; he has secured the erection of three new buildings, and multiplied the
endowment fund five-fold. He has rallied the North Carolina Baptists to the support
of their College, given them an institution worthy of their denomination, and
brought them to feel that it is their own. He has combined in himself the wisdom,
patience, and courage of Wait, the fine culture of Hooper, the gentle dignity and
lofty character of Wingate, and the splendid enthusiasm of Pritchard to a high
degree, and has so impressed himself, though unconsciously, upon the Baptist State
Convention that he has long worn the unsought crown of leadership among his
Recognizing these facts we desire to express and preserve on record
our profound and grateful appreciation of his high personal character
and of his invaluable achievements for the College.
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