28 History of Wake Forest College
death he was a trustee of the College. In 1918 the College conferred
on him the degree of Doctor of Laws.
Brewer also devoted the most active period of his life to the
education of young women; first, 1875-81, as principal of the
Seminary for Young Ladies at Wilson, and then, 1881-96 as President
of Chowan Baptist Female Seminary, which under his direction had
perhaps the most prosperous period of its history. After retiring from
this work he engaged in business, making his home at Wake Forest
for a number of years. He died January 27, 1931, at Rockingham, the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Claude Gore.
Scarborough, after his graduation engaged in teaching, in the year
1869-70 at Forestville, in 1870-71 as tutor in the College, from 1871
to 1876 at Selma. In this year he was elected State Superintendent of
Public Instruction and held the place for eight years, and after a period
of eight years, was again elected to the same place for another term of
four years. No man in our public life ever did a more devoted and
important work than Scarborough in this office. From 1897 to 1909
he was president of Chowan College. He died on December 26, 1917.
From June, 1873, until his death he was a most able and faithful
trustee of the College.
Of the graduates of this period, two, Thomas and Fowler, were
physicians. Of Thomas some account has already been
received the degree of doctor of medicine from the University of
Virginia in 1870, and from the University of New York in 1871. He
practiced his profession in his native section, Bethlehem, Hertford
County, until feeble health caused him to retire. For fourteen years he
was moderator of the Chowan Association, and from 1906 till his
death, October 28, 1916, he was a trustee of the College, serving as
president of the Board for three years .12
Fowler received the degree of doctor of medicine from the College
of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore in 1878, and practiced his
profession and conducted his farm in the vicinity of Roles-
11 P. P. 12.
Obituary notice by Rev. C. L. Dowell, Biblical Recorder, Nov. 8, 1916.
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