The Students and Alumni, 1866-70 29
ville, a well-beloved and much respected "country doctor." He died
June 21, 1927; age 74 years, 9 months.
Three of the alumni of this period became lawyers. These were
Overby, Foote and Pace. Overby first practiced his profession in
Elizabeth City, but later retired to Belcross, Camden County, and
engaged in farming. He died in July, 1933. Foote located in his home
town of Warrenton, and as a lawyer became solicitor of his district.
He also was editor of the Warrenton Gazette. He died about the year
1900. Pace located in Raleigh where he attained high rank in his
profession. For many years he was attorney for the College, and he
was also a trustee from June, 1877, until his death, April 27, 1893. He
served four years in the Confederate States Army and surrendered
with Lee at Appomattox. He was very active in all church and
denominational work, was president of the Baptist State Convention
for the years 1887 and 1888, and was also president of the Board of
Hicks, S. W. Brewer and Royall were merchants and men of affairs.
Hicks returned to his native Nashville, Tennessee, and was a
wholesale merchant. He died in 1878. Brewer was a merchant of
Raleigh from 1875 to 1885, then at Wake Forest from 1885 to 1891,
and again at Raleigh from 1891 till his death on April 14, 1918. The
business he established is still conducted by his son, Mr. T. W.
Brewer, now treasurer of the College.
Mr. R. E. Royall, one of this great company, survived with energies
little impaired until his death, June 17, 1937. After his graduation he
taught for several years, first in Raleigh and then in Texas. In 1877 he
entered into a partnership for the manufacture of naval stores in
Georgia and was connected with this enterprise for many years. But
most of his life was spent at Wake Forest; here he was a merchant
from 1885 to 1893; with the organization of the Royall Cotton Mills
at Glenn Royall, a suburb of Wake Forest, in 1900, he became general
manager of the plant, a position which he held until 1931, when
advancing age made his retirement necessary. He was the son of Dr.
William Royall and a brother of Dr. W. B. Royall.
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