Appendix to Chapter XXVI 385
1878. Orators: W. E. Daniel, Eu.; W. T. Jordan, Phi. Rebate. Query:
Which was the greater statesman. John C. Calhoun or Henry Clay?
Affirmative-J. C. Caddell, Eu.; J. Rufus Ford, Phi.; Negative N. Y.
Gulley, Phi.; W. N. Jones, Eu.
1879. Orators: W. L. Wright, Phi.; W. N. Jones, Eu. Debate. Query:
Was the French Revolution injurious to Europe? Affirmative J. F.
McMillan, Phi.; J. N. Holding, Eu.; Negative-E. F. Aydlett, Eu.; C. H.
Montague, Phi.
1880. Orators: J. N. Holding, Eu.; M. A. Jones, Phi. Debate. Query:
That an increase of prosperity causes a corresponding increase of
morality. Affirmative-C. S. Farriss, Eu.; L. T. Carroll, Phi.; Negative-
W. H. Ragsdale, Phi.; N. R. Pittman, Eu.
1881. Orators: L. T. Carroll, Phi.; N. R. Pittman, Eu. Debate.
Query: That the cause of civil liberty has been promoted more by the
general diffusion of intelligence than by human suffering. Affirmative-
W. T. Lewellyn, Phi.; D. L. Ward, Eu.; Negative-W. M. Poteat, Eu.;
D. W. Herring, Phi.
1882. Orators: H. G. Holding, Eu.; D. W. Herring, Phi. Debate.
Query: Is the system of universal suffrage in the United States con-
ducive to the best interests of the republic? Affirmative-W. J. Ferrell,
Eu.; E. G. Beckwith. Phi.; Negative-E. E. Hilliard, Phi.; Thomas
Dixon, Jr., Eu.
1883. Orators: E. S. Alderman, Phi.; Thomas Dixon, Jr., Eu.
Debate. Query: Resolved, That foreign immigration ought to be pro-
hibited. Affirmative-L. L. Jenkins, Phi.; W. F. Marshall, Eu.;
Negative-D. M. Austin, Eu.; H. B. Folk, Phi.
1884. Orators : D. M. Austin, Eu.; J. C. C. Dunford, Phi. Debate.
Query: Do the signs of the times indicate long life for the republic?
Affirmative-F. Dixon, Eu.; E. Ward, Phi.; Negative-W. B. Pope, Phi.;
W. B. Norton, Eu.
1885. Orators: E. Ward, Phi.; Frank Dixon, Eu. Debate. Query: Is
England's course toward Ireland justifiable? Affirmative-J. B. Pruitt,
Phi.; W. C. Allen, Eu.; Negative-J. L. White, Eu.; C. E. Brewer, Phi.
1886. Orators: J. L. White, Eu.; C. E. Brewer, Phi. Debate. Query:
Ought governments to furnish free education by taxation to all classes
of their citizens? Affirmative-J. D. Boushall, Eu.; J. B. Carlyle, Phi.;
Negative-Jacob Stewart, Phi.; W. P. Stradley, Eu.
1887. Orators: J. B. Carlyle, Phi.; W. P. Stradley, Eu. Debate.
Query: Has the introduction of the negro in the United States been
productive of more good than evil? Affirmative-W. F. Watson, Phi.;
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