Appendix to Chapter XXVI 387
tending its progress. Affirmative -W. D. Burns, Phi.; J. S. Snider, Eu.;
Negative-H. H. Marshburn. Eu.; W. N. Johnson, Phi.
1898. Orators: T. N. Johnson, Eu.; J. D. Larkins, Phi. Debate.
Query: Should all government appointments be subject to civil service
regulations? Affirmative-Jackson Hamilton, Eu.; W. L. Cohoon, Phi.;
Negative-C. S. Burgess, Phi.; J. C. Owen, Eu.
1899. Orators: P. S. Carlton, Phi.; J. C. Turner, Eu. Debate. Query:
Resolved, That immigration should be further restricted. Affirmative-
W. P. Etchison, Phi.; A. W. Cooke, Eu.; Negative-W. A. McCall, Eu.;
O. L. Powers, Phi.
1900. Orators: A. W. Cooke, Eu.; D. M. Springfield, Phi. Debate.
Query: Resolved, That England was not justifiable in making war on
the Boers. Affirmative-J. Z. Eure, Eu.; J. A. Holbrook, Phi.; Negative-
R. C. Barrett, Phi.; H. E. Flack, Eu.
1901. Orators: S. G. Flournoy, Phi.; H. E. Flack, Eu. Debate.
Query: Resolved, That barring constitutional objections, we should
not have an income tax as a part of our revenue system. Affirmative
G. B. Rooke, Phi.; J. C. Sikes, Jr., Eu.; Negative-Jesse Williams, Eu.;
M. F. Hatcher, Phi.
1902. Orators: W. A. Dunn, Eu.; A. J. Bethea, Phi. Debate. Query:
Resolved, That labor organizations in America and England have
been more beneficial than injurious. Affirmative-D. W. Sorrell, Phi.;
James Rovall, Eu.; Negative-C. M. Beach, Eu.; O. P. Dickinson, Phi.
1903. Orators: E. B. Fowler, Phi.; J. W. Whisnant, Eu. Debate.
Query: Resolved, That barring constitutional objections the deporta-
tion of the negro is desirable and feasible. Affirmative-T. A. Allen,
Phi.; W. H. Whitehead, Eu.; Negative-E. M. Harris, Eu.; I. N. Lofton,
1904. Orators: J. W. Whisnant, Eu.; B. A. Critcher, Phi. Debate.
Query: Resolved, That compulsory arbitration offers the best
settlement of disputes between capital and labor. Affirmative-D. H.
Bland, Phi.; A. L. Fletcher, Eu.; Negative-R. D. Marsh, Eu.; J. H.
Vernon, Phi.
1905. Orators: A. H. Olive, Phi.; Al. D. Austin, Eu.; Debate. Query:
Resolved, That the United States should further increase her navy.
Affirmative-Edward Long, Eu.; W. D. Poe, Phi; Negative E. A.
Turner, Phi.; Jo Patton, Eu.
1906. Orators: T. B. Ashcraft, Eu.; Liston Jackson, Phi. Debate.
Query: Resolved, That North Carolina should establish a reformatory
for her young criminals. Affirmative-L. A. Parker, Eu.; W. H.
Weatherspoon, Phi.; Negative-B. T. Holding, Phi.; O. J. Sikes, Eu.
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