392 History of Wake Forest College
1940. Orators: G. T. Lumpkin, Eu.; James Copple, Eu.; G. T.
Watkins, Jr., Phi.; Page Acree, Phi. Debate. Query: Resolved, That
the United States Government should own and operate the railroads.
Affirmative-B. W. Black, Eu.; G. S. F. Butts, Eu.; Negative-R. H.
Brumet, Phi.; Charles Wilkins, Phi.
1941. Orators: L. B. Copple, Eu.; W. B. Harvey, Eu.; N. B.
Morgan, Phi.; H. G. Morgan, Phi. Debate. Query: Resolved, That
compulsory military training should be provided for every man who
reaches the age of twenty-one. Affirmative-G. T. Watkins, Jr., Phi.; R.
H. Brumet, Phi.; Negative-B. W. Black, Eu.; C. A. Harvey, Eu.
1942. Orators: George Watkins, Phi.; John D. Davis, Eu.; George
Wilkins, Eu.; Lawrence Highfill, Eu. Debate. Query: Resolved, That
the eight-point plan for peace as proposed by Prime Minister
Churchill and President Roosevelt should be adopted. Affirmative
Norman Farnum, Phi.; C. C. Hope, Phi.; Negative-Paul Bell, Eu.;
Burnette Harvey, Eu.
1943. Orators: Leo Hawkins, Phi.; Francis Winston, Phi.; J. D.
Davis, Eu.; Lawrence Highfill, Eu. Debate. Query: Resolved, That the
federal government should regulate by law all labor unions,
constitutionality conceded. Affirmative-Douglas Elam, Eu.; Bill
McGill, Eu.; Negative-Martha Ann Allen, Phi.; John McMillan, Phi.
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