The Wake Forest Student was begun as a monthly publication in
January, 1882. It was the first printed periodical of the students of the
College. From early days, however, the journalistic talent of the
students had manifested itself in the production of college manuscript
newspapers of various names which appeared irregularly but were
usually published orally on Saturday mornings, possibly by the editor,
but, since for prudential reasons the editors chose to remain unknown,
most often by the editors' representatives. The first of these of which
we have record was the Saturday Review, which appeared in 1849,
perhaps earlier, and continued until 1851. In the course of a year or
two it was succeeded by the Spectator, which had even a shorter life,
and for the same reason, lack of appreciation and even exhibitions of
hostility on the part of those whose names most often appeared in it.
In 1859 was begun the publication, also orally, of the Wake Forest
Critic, a much tamer paper than the others had been, to which any
who would was invited to contribute. After being read it might be
copied by any who wished copies; some of the copies thus made were
long extant. But this publication was too wise and good for the
students' weekly food and it, too, soon was discontinued. All these
papers belong to the antebellum period. After the War the journalistic
enterprise of the students was for more than fifteen years content to
find expression in such "writing for the papers" as the editors would
accept. On the eve of the publication of the first number of the Wake
Forest Student, however, The College Enterprise, "published every
Friday, devoted to the interests of Wake Forest College," made its
appearance. Its editor was not a student or one connected in any way
with the College. The students took it as a joke; "and the College
Enterprise went down behind the horizon with its second issue." 1
The above facts are gathered from an excellent article, "Journalistic Experi-
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