The Wake Forest Student 397
Atkinson, the Christian Sun; G. W. Paschal, State Journal and
Biblical Recorder; L. L. Carpenter, the Biblical Recorder; A. L.
Goodrich, the Baptist Record; others were editors-in-chief or on the
editorial staffs of daily newspapers, such as R. F. Beasley and R. W.
Haywood, the Greensboro Telegram, F. A. Smethurst, the News and
Observer; G. W. Johnson, the Greensboro Daily News and the
Baltimore Evening Sun; G. F. Rittenhouse, a Richmond Journal;
others were correspondents in important positions, such as R. E.
Williams, Washington correspondent of the News and Observer; and
C. A. Leonard, whose letters on Chinese affairs appear not only in the
religious press but in such secular papers as the London Times. W. F.
Marshall had a long and distinguished career as a journalist, first as
editor of the Gastonia Gazette, and later on the staff of the
Progressive Farmer. R. F. Beasley has been continuously in
newspaper work since his graduation in 1894; early in his career he
became editor of the Greensboro Telegram, a daily newspaper; later
he planned and helped establish the State Journal, a weekly published
in Raleigh, but his most important work has been on the Monroe
Journal, to which he has devoted the greater part of his life. J. A.
Hollomon and E. L. Conn have been connected with great
metropolitan dailies, the former in Atlanta, the latter in Washington
and Baltimore. H. E. Peele has for years been editor and proprietor of
the Elizabeth City Advance, the most widely circulated and influential
evening paper of the State east of Raleigh.
Several among the editors have since attained distinction as authors:
Thos. Dixon in fiction, J. C. McNeill in poetry; A. T. Robertson, R.
H. Whitehead, J. Q. Adams, in scholarly and literary productions; S.
J. Porter, in religious and Biblical expositions; R. C. Lawrence and
W. M. Johnson and G. W. Johnson in biographical literature; W. H.
Heck and T. H. Briggs in volumes on education; Gilbert T.
Stephenson in constitutional and economic treatises; W. C. Allen and
G. W. Paschal in historical writing; R. W. Weaver in psychological
Many other students also in addition to the editors were en-
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