398 History of Wake Forest College
couraged to write by having in the Wake Forest Student a medium for
the publication of their writings. Not a few of these attained some
eminence. Of the half dozen who have published books of verse H. F.
Page is foremost, whose Lyrics and Legends of the Cape Fear
Country, ranks among the best volumes of verse by North Carolina
According to the original design of the Wake Forest Student it was
not to rely solely on productions of students for literary quality;
members of the faculty and other competent writers were expected to
offer contributions. This expectation was realized. Through all its
period it was provided with a member of the faculty as alumni editor.
The first, 1882 to 1890, and 1891 to 1896, was W. L. Poteat. For the
year 1890-91, G. W. Greene was alumni editor. In September, 1896,
G. W. Paschal succeeded to the post, and except for the year, 1889-
90, when he was absent on leave, continued in it until 1906. In the
year 1899-1900 the post was filled by W. B. Daniel. From 1906 to
1924 the alumni editor was J. H. Gorrell, serving for eighteen years.
In this period he led in getting out many special numbers, usually
about 100 pages each. Among these were the R. E. Lee Memorial
Number, XXVI, 292-395, January, 1907; the John Charles McNeill
Memorial Number, XXVII, 247-307, December, 1907; the Alumni
Number, XXVIII, 301-405, January, 1909; the Benefactors Number,
XXX, 285-397, January, 1911; the In the Service of the State
Number, XXX, 402-493, February, 1911; the John B. Carlyle
Memorial Number, XXXI, 375-508, February, 1912; the Educational
Number, XXXII, 135-170, December, 1912; the Judson Centennial
(Missionary) Number, XXXII, 389-485, March, 1913; the Charles
Elisha Taylor Memorial Number, XXXV, 371-544, March, 1916; the
Law School Number, XXXIX, 421-488, May, 1920; the Luther Rice
Mills Memorial Number, XL, 47-74, November, 1920; the John
Franklin Lanneau Memorial Number, XLI, 61-117, November, 1921.
The final memorial number, that in honor of William Bailey Royall,
came in April, 1928, Vol. XLV, 287-325, in the period in which Dr.
H. B. Jones was alumni editor, the duties
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