402 History of Wake Forest College
North Carolina." The result was an achievement which does credit to
the Literary Societies that promoted it and to their college.
In addition to the Wake Forest Student the students have had the
following other publications:
First, the Howler, the college annual. This was endorsed by the
Literary Societies and first appeared in the spring of 1903. The editor-
in-chief was Robert G. Camp; his associates were J. A. McMillan, W.
H. Pace, C. P. Weaver, M. Paul Scarborough, and Burton J. Ray, Art
Editor. The business manager was E. J. Sherwood. It has appeared
regularly since that time, and is among the best of its kind.
For many years the staff had a hard time making ends meet, since
the appropriations from the Societies and the returns from the
advertisements and other collections never paid all the costs. Usually
it was dedicated to some one who was thought to have a full pocket-
book, and who contributed almost always fifty dollars or more. The
members of the Senior Class also were assessed. But in most years the
business managers and editors found a deficit which with all their
labors they did not always succeed in making up. It is only after the
faculty imposed and collected a publication fee to take care of all
periodicals that the financing of the Howler has caused less trouble.
Another publication was the Wake Forest Weekly, the organ of the
Athletic Association of the College. The first number is dated March
9, 1905. It was at first a paper of eight pages half of which consisted
of a patent back. The editor-in-chief was Jo Patton; associates were G.
A. Peek, Mill Wyatt, and Eugene Turner. P. C. McDuffie was athletic
editor, and Bruce Powers business manager. The faculty editor was E.
W. Sikes. It continued during the season of intercollegiate contests for
several years, 1909 or later.
On January 15, 1916, the first number of Old Gold and Black
appeared. It was privately owned by P. H. Wilson and I. C. Yates, the
former being proprietor of the Star Printing Company
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