416 History of Wake Forest College
students are in their membership the average scholarship of their
members has not been correspondingly high.12
12 From the College catalogue for 1942: The following social fraternities have
been established: Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Pi, Sigma Pi, Sigma
Phi Epsilon, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Phi. The following
professional fraternities and honor societies have been established: Kappa Phi
Kappa (educational), Phi Chi (medical), Phi Rho Sigma (medical), Gamma Sigma
Epsilon (chemical), P1 Kappa Delta (forensic), Gamma Eta Gamma (legal), Chi Eta
Tau (philosophical), Sigma Pi Alpha (modern language), Delta Kappa Alpha
(ministerial), Gamma Nu Iota (pre-medical), Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership),
and Phi Beta Kappa (scholarship).
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