Wake Forest and the Academies, 1865-1905 423
various teachers. Another school of this period was Union Academy,
Farmville, Davie County, kept by S. O. Tatum (B.A. 1853), who
continued until his death, November 12, 1869. In July, 1867, H. M.
Cates, who had left the College for four years of service in the army,
and had returned to be the first student to register after the Civil War,
having completed his work for his degree, began his work at Rock
Springs Academy, eight miles southwest of Hillsboro on the North
Carolina railroad. Here he remained until 1871, when he went West
and taught in the schools of Illinois and Missouri, but returned to
North Carolina and taught again at Rock Spring at New Hill and later,
in 1889, at Mt. Pisgah Academy, near Morrisville. He died in the
spring of 1903, leaving $1,000 each to Wake Forest and the
Thomasville Orphanage and $500 to Meredith College (then the
Baptist Female University). In 1868, J. B. Brewer (B.A. 1868) began
his long period of notable work in education at the school at Maple
Springs in Franklin County. For five years, 1870-75, he was principal
of Wilson Collegiate Institute, and, 1875-81, principal of the Wilson
Seminary for Young Ladies. In the latter year he became president of
the Chowan Baptist Female Institute, which greatly prospered under
his administration. He remained as its president until June, 1897. In
1868 also, another who did distinguished work in the education of
young women, F. P. Hobgood (B.A. 1868), began his educational
career as principal of Reidsville Academy for Males. In 1871 he came
to Raleigh as president of the Raleigh Female Seminary and remained
until June, 1880, when he went to Oxford as president of Oxford
Female Seminary, which under his direction became one of the best
institutions of its kind in the State. Here he remained until his death.
Other Wake Forest men who often at some sacrifice of their chosen
vocation helped supply the need for teachers in the dark years after
the War were J. A. Pitchford (B.A. 1855) in Warren County, 1865; J.
A. Spencer (1866-67) in Camden County; T. D. Boone (B.A. 1859) in
Hertford County; J. W. Trotman (1853-54) in Gates County; Rev. W.
C. Nowell (1859-61) in Johnston County; J. G. Fennell (1859-61) in
Sampson and New Hanover counties;
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