428 History of Wake Forest College
of Wake Forest to attain prominence in the graded schools of the
State. For two years, 1885-87, he was principal of the Pantego
Academy, and was principal at Jamesville, 1887-88; at Hamilton,
1888-89; and 1889-95, of the Scotland Neck Military Academy. In
1895 he became superintendent of the graded schools of Wilson, and
in 1897 had the same position in the Reidsville graded schools; here
he remained for three years, and in 1900 took charge of the graded
schools of Waynesville, where he remained for many years. Another
who began his work as teacher at this period was Rev. J. A. Beam
(B.A. 1885) who first taught at Roxboro, 1885-86, and on January 30,
1888, began his service of a dozen years as principal of the famous
Bethel Hill Academy; his last work in schools was at Leaksville-
Spray, in the years 1905-08. From his schools came a stream of
students to Wake Forest College. Another able educator of this period
was J. F. Spainhour (1883-85) principal of Globe Academy, Caldwell
County, who after a year of teaching took up the study of law. W. J.
Matthews, graduating in 1887, had charge of several schools, 1887-
88, at Shawboro; 1880-90, at Jerusalem, Davie County; 1890-91,
Greenville Male Academy; 1891-94, Wadesboro; 1894-95, Spring
Hill Academy; 1895, Laurinburg. Another whose school work was
successful was H. E. Copple, who in the year of his graduation, 1887,
took charge of the school at Rock Rest in Union County. In 1890 he
went to Dudley, South Carolina, and had charge of the school there,
but returned to North Carolina in 1894 as principal of Union Institute,
Monroe; after a year, he again assumed charge of Rock Rest
Academy and continued in the work there until 1898, when he gave
up teaching. Other teachers were the Hendrens; two of them, J. J. and
J. W., assumed charge of Cedar Run Academy, Alexander County, in
the year of their graduation from the College, 1885, where they
remained until 1890, when J. W. Hendren became principal of
Moravian Falls Academy, but in the same year he moved to Fort
Worth, Texas; J. J. Hendren remained at Cedar Run a year longer, and
in 1891 became principal of Bellevoir Academy in Sampson County.
In 1904 he was at Orrum School in Robeson County. F. B. Hendren,
after teach-
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