432 History of Wake Forest College
Both at Wingate and at Cary Mr. Dry proved a most able educator and
was known as such throughout the State. G. R. King, class of 1897,
was an able man and scholar and did notable work in the schools at
Rockingham, 1897-1901, and then for several years as superintendent
of the Wilson graded schools. A classmate of Mr. King's was C. M.
Staley, who in 1897-98 was principal of the school at Sanford; the
next year he went to Latta, South Carolina; in 1905 he took charge of
the schools of Asheboro; later he went to Hickory and took charge of
the graded schools. Another member of the same class who was to
devote his life to education was G. E. Lineberry, who in 1897 became
principal of Ashpole Academy; in 1901 Mr. Lineberry was called to
take charge of the Winterville High School, of the Neuse Baptist
Association, which under his direction attracted many students. F. Q.
Barbee began his work as teacher in 1899 as principal of the school at
Fuquay Springs; afterwards he went to Virginia, where as head of the
Charlottesville High School he won distinction. A. F. Sams of the
class of 1897 was an able educator. Except for the years 1898-1900,
when he was at Marshville, he taught at Cary, beginning his work
there in 1897, succeeding E. L. Middleton as principal. In 1903 he
gave up school work for Law.
In the years 1901-06, which close the period now under con-
sideration, about ninety additional Wake Forest men worked in the
schools of the State, and not a few of them with much success. One of
these was G. F. Edwards, who in 1900 became associate principal of
the Salemburg Academy, went to Carbonton in 1901, and in 1904
returned to Salemburg as principal; here he remained until his death,
after which the school continued under charge of his widow, later
Mrs. W. J. Jones. His school attracted students from a wide territory,
and was so strongly established in the affections of its patrons that it
afterwards developed into a junior college, now Pineland Junior
College and
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