Wake Forest and the Academies, 1865-1905 433
Edwards Military School. J. Y. Irvin of the class of 1900 taught,
1900-01, in Stanly County; the next year he became principal of the
school at Cherryville in Cleveland County, and of the Hollis School in
1905 and later County Superintendent of Public Instruction. In 1900
W. W. Woodhouse (B.A. 1899) began his work at White Oak in
Bladen County, where he was most successful, and was later for many
years Superintendent of Public Instruction. S. J. Hasty began his
school work in Stanly County in 1903, but in April, 1904, took charge
of the school at Churchland in Davie County; the next year he was at
Jubilee, and soon after began a service of many years as
Superintendent of Public Instruction of Davie County. On graduation
in 1903 A. C. Gentry became assistant in the Yadkin Valley Institute
at Palmerville, but he soon returned to his native county, Person,
taught at Bethel Hill and Woodsdale, and for several years served as
County Superintendent of Public Instruction. C. M. Beach, a graduate
of the class of 1902, proved an able educator, beginning his work at
Dell School in 1905 and going to Wingate in 1919.
From a closer view of the school work of the four hundred and fifty
Wake Forest men who labored in the schools of the State in this
period, 1865-1906, one may gain a better understanding of the high
school education of the time and the part they contributed to it.
Of the total number of teachers only about two hundred, on a liberal
estimate, made teaching their life work. About fifty of these after a
longer or shorter period in the high schools, turned to higher
educational work; about forty of them became county superintendents
of schools, and two, J. C. Scarborough and T. F. Toon, served as State
superintendents of public instruction. About fifty got further training
in universities, many of them winning the degree of Doctor of
Philosophy, and taught their chosen subjects in colleges and
universities, and of these ten or more became college and university
presidents.4 Several worked in institutions
Among these presidents were: R. T. Vann, Meredith; F. P. Hobgood, Oxford; P.
S. Vann and J. C. Scarborough, and C. P. Weaver, Chowan; C. B.
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