Appendix to Chapter XXIX 447
1889, Auburn; Davis, J. M., 1880-82, Morgan Hill Academy;
Devenny, J. V., 1895, Youngsville, Principal; Dew, R. J., 1899, St.
Paul's; Dowd, J. E., 1905, Leesville, Wake County; Dowd, W. C.,
1891, Charlotte Graded Schools; Dowell, Spright, 1896, Aulander;
Dry, M. B., 1896, Wingate, Principal; 1898, Cary; Dunford, J. C. C.,
1892, Fairview; Dunn, J. H., 1868, Forestville.
Early, B. G., 1900, Brunswick County; Early, E. F., 1893,
Nashville; Early, H. W., 1895-96, Warren County; Liberty-Piedmont
High School, Wallburg; Early, W. W., 1889-90, Wadesboro; Eddins,
E. F., 1885-86, Franklinton; 1886-87, Berea, Granville County; 1887-
98, Palmersville (Yadkin Mineral Springs Academy); Edwards, A. J.
1888, Military Academy, Scotland Neck; Edwards, G. F., 1900, Asso.
Principal, Salemburg; 1901, Carbonton; 1904, Principal, Salemburg;
Edwards, O. T., 1875-77, Pleasant Lodge Academy, Alamance
County; 1880, Mt. Vernon Springs Academy; 1905, Associational
School, Mt. Vernon Springs; Ellington, E. P., 1886-87, Liberty; 1889,
Madison; Emerson, A. J., 1867-71, Mt. Vernon Springs, Chatham
County; Exum, W. P., 1896, Asheville Graded Schools.
Falls, B. T., 1903, Shelby; Fennell, J. G., 1865-71, Sampson and
New Hanover counties; Ferrell, W. J., 1882-84, Wilton, Morris
Academy; 1884-92, Wakefield; 1901, Pee Dee Associational
Academy, Wadesboro; Finch, G. L., 1888, Crowell's; 1889,
Greenville; 1890, La Grange; Flack, H. E., 1901, Lincolnton; Flack,
R. E., Associational High School, Burnsville, Principal; Fleetwood, J.
L., 1882, Woodland Academy; 1895. Severn Academy; 1898,
Woodland; Fleming, J. L., 1889, Hamilton (with J. E. Tucker until
1891); Foote, G. A., 1900, Oak Ridge Institute; Fort, Isaac, 1883,
Sampson County; Foushee, H. A., 1889, Selma Academy; 1890,
Charlotte; 1890-91, Durham; Foushee, W. L., 1894, Roxboro; Fowler,
E. B., 1903, Monroe High School, Principal; Fowler, John E., 1891,
Sampson County; Fry, W. F., 1894, Carthage, Principal; 1896,
Vandemere; Francis, W. J., 1905, Clyde (Haywood High School, near
Garland, W. A., 1892, Acting President Judson College; Garner, S.
E., 1900, Lenoir High School, Principal; Garrett, C. P., 1896, Shiloh,
Camden County; Garrison, G. M.. 1905, Reed's; 1906, Graded
School, Richland; Garvey, J. H., 1873-74, Forestville; 1875-78,
Jefferson; Gentry, A. C., 1903, Assistant Yadkin Valley Institute;
Gilmore, W. M., 1891, Pockett High School, Moore County; Goode,
C. T., 1905, Oxford Graded Schools. Principal; Goode, W. E., Bethel
Hill Institute, Leaksville, Assistant; Graves, C. D., 1892, Hertford;
1895-96, Edenton. resigns May, 1897; Green, A. C., 1878, Jubilee,
Davidson County; Green, E. L., 1903, Liberty Association High
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