452 History of Wake Forest College
1901. Sylva Collegiate Institute; 1902, Wilton Academy, Principal;
Spainhour, J. F., 1885-86, Globe Academy, Principal; Speas, J. L.,
1874-75, Germantown; Speas, L. A., 1876-77, East Bend; Speer, W.
0., 1899, Claremont College, Hickory; Spence, J. Paul, 1892,
Warrenton; 1901, New Bern Graded Schools, Principal; Spence, J.
W., 1899, Rich Square; Spencer, C. H., 1871, Duplin County;
Spencer, J. A., after 1867, Camden County; Spilman. J. B., 1890-91,
Morson and Denson, Raleigh Academy; 1891, Glen Alpine; Stafford,
W. F., 1902, Blue Ridge Institute, North Wilkesboro; Staley, C. M.,
1897, Sanford; 1905, Ashboro Graded Schools; Stallings. N. P., 1885-
87, Falls of Neuse; 1887-88, Granville County; 1888-90, Roger's
Store; Stancell, W. M., 1902, Weldon Academy, Principal; 1903,
Smithfield; Stephenson, G. T., 1902, Pendleton; Stewart, J. A.,
Monroe High School; Story, H". L., 1904, near Ahoskie; Stokes, J.
G., 1890-91, Duplin County (1888, Magnolia, Burgaw); Stout, Jesse,
1871-75, Wilkes County; Stringfield, O. L., 1882. Wakefield
Academy; Swain, S. D., 1889, Yadkin Valley Institute, Booneville
(with G. P. Harrill); 1890, October, moves school to Jonesville;
Sweaney, J. T., 1880-82, Person County; Sykes. W. R., 1897,
Grantsboro; 1898, Lasker High School.
Tatum, S. 0., 1859-69, Davie County; 1867-68, Union Academy,
Farmington; Tayloe, J. W., 1886-87, Windsor; Taylor, A. B., 188687,
Monroe; Taylor, C. R., 1898, Wanchese High School; Thompson, G.
C.. 1889, near Wake Forest; March, 1890, Louisburg; Thompson, O.
F., 1886-88, Forest City; Buncombe County; 1898, Candler High
School; Timberlake, E. W., Jr., 1901-03, Oak Ridge Institute; Tolar, J.
N., 1896-99, Grady, Robeson County; Toon. T. F., 1892, Fair Bluff;
1893-94, Robeson Institute (1900, State Superintendent of Public
Instuction, Majority, 60,000); Trantham, Harry, 1903, Oak Ridge
Institute; Trotman, J. W., 1883, Gates County; Tucker, J. E., 1889,
Hamilton; 1890 Selma (resigns March, 1901, Medicine); Turner, J.
C., 1899, Durham Graded Schools; 1902, Oxford; Tyler, W. H., 1902-
05, Goldston.
Underwood, S. A., 1901, Asso. Principal. Salemburg Academy;
Utley, C. H., 1899, Cana, Davie County.
Vann, J. J., 1877, Scotland Neck; Vann, L. L., 1888, Franklinton;
Vann, P. S.. 1905-06, Robeson Institute, Principal; Vann, R. T., 1873,
Scotland Neck; Varser, L. R., Grady; 1899, Robeson County; Vernon,
C. R., 1881, Brushy Fork, Person County; Vernon, H. W., 1904,
Mooresboro; Vernon, J. H., 1876-78, Cedar Grove, Orange County.
Waff. T. E., 1872, Nash County; 1882, Reynoldson (with brother);
Waff, W. B., 1880-82, Abbott's Creek; 1882-83, Wauglitown; 1883-
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