The Board of Education, 1862-1915 455
clusion of the children of indigent and disabled soldiers as
The Board held its first meeting on January 30, 1864, and organized
by electing Col. S. S. Biddle, president, and Elder W. T. Brooks,
secretary, who reported at the next meeting of the Convention, that of
Nov. 2-5, 1864, in Warrenton. The Board acted promptly, and made
an effort to get Elder R. B. Jones of Hertford to undertake the work,
but he had declined, and as they knew of no other fit man they had
done nothing more. There was a more hopeful note, however, in the
report of the Board by W. T. Walters, Secretary, at the meeting of the
Convention with the church at Forestville, November 1-4, 1865, in
which it was said:
Owing to circumstances which are well known, the educational en-
terprises of the denomination and the whole country have been in a
great measure suspended. Your Board hail with pleasure the re-
opening of this wide field of usefulness and urge its immediate re-
Nor was the Board long idle. On November 9, 1865, it held its
second meeting, the first after the break in the clouds of war.
Members present were: W. M. Wingate, W. T. Walters, William
Royall, W. B. Royall, J. H. Foote, and A. F. Purefoy, all of whom
except Purefoy had been members of the faculty of the
Board formed a new organization by electing Elder W. T. Brooks,
president and W. B. Royall, secretary. It had several presidents. The
presidents in order in addition to those already named, were Rev. R.
T. Vann, April 29, 1884, to December 8, 1884, and W. L. Poteat,
December 8, 1884, until December, 1914; but so long as it remained
at Wake Forest, 1865-1915, Dr. W. B. Royall except when absent,
was its
1 The resolution, introduced by Rev. N. B. Cobb, is worthy of record; it reads:
"Resolved, That the Board of Education be instructed to appoint an agent to canvass
the State, and to solicit funds for the education of children of indigent, deceased and
disabled soldiers, to invest such funds in any way that they may deem proper, and to
report at the next meeting of this body."
The absent member was W. J. Palmer of Raleigh.
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