456 History of Wake Forest College
His minutes are models of neatness, conciseness, and
accuracy. The Record Book for the years 1864-1910, and another,
1910-14, are in the College Library.
At the first meeting the Board revealed the spirit that afterwards
characterized it, when as its first action "it was determined that all
applications for admission to Wake Forest College of young men who
have dedicated themselves to the work of the ministry be favorably
entertained by the Board." Though it often felt the stringency of the
several periods of financial depression and panic of the next half
century, as is evident from many expressions in the minutes, the
Board never failed to show itself ready to help all worthy applicants
to the extent of its ability, and often beyond its ability. It was
sometimes necessary to ask a student to wait until the funds in hand
justified aid to him, but very few appealed to the Board in vain. How
much in earnest the members of this Board of 1865-66 were may be
judged from the fact that at their meeting on February 12, 1866, they
voted that they would be personally responsible for the board of
This interest of the Board was soon followed by a like interest
among the Baptists of the State. Professor W. B. Royall, secretary of
the Board of Education, found as many as six applicants in one
Association, while Professor W. T. Walters, Corresponding Secretary
of the Convention, stated that he could easily find fifty in the State
and that if they were educated and ready for the work a hundred
places were open for their labors. In pressing the obligation of the
Baptists of the State to provide for the education of these young men,
Dr. T. H. Pritchard said:
Now brethren, it does seem to me that if God has put it in the hearts
of this large number of young men to preach the Gospel, and the
churches fail to prepare them for this work by affording them the
means of an education, God will send a curse upon us, the
consequences of which are fearful to contemplate. When we consider
how vast is
3 In the year 1903-04, during Dr. Royall's absence in Europe, G. W. Paschal
served as secretary.
Biblical Recorder, October 21, 1868.
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