464 History of Wake Forest College
dollars and promised as much every year as long as he should live; a
brother of Selma whose annual personal contribution was fifty
dollars, made a collection in his church; the Ladies Sewing Society of
the First Baptist Church of Raleigh raised $125; Bailey thanked
During the summer vacation the Board had made unsuccessful
efforts to get temporary agents to canvass the State, and at the
opening of the session, faced with a debt constantly growing larger,
had thought best to limit the number of beneficiaries to six. Owing,
however, to an unexpected turn of affairs the secretary was able to
report to the Convention in November collections of $1,718.31, and
the rapid liquidation of much of the debt.
The unexpected turn mentioned above was the appointment on
September 5, 1876, of Professor L. R. Mills as agent of the Board, "to
operate in such places he deems best, his compensations to be 20 per
cent of collections." He was also to make quarterly reports. On
November 20, 1876, the Board appointed Rev. R. T. Vann, assistant
agent of the Board in the Chowan section, his salary to be fifty dollars
a month with traveling expenses paid by the Board, who, however,
continued in the work only a few months. Professor Mills served as
agent until February 13, 1880, when his resignation offered and laid
on the table at the meeting of the Board on September 6, 1877, was
accepted. Taking into the consideration the fact that he continued to
perform his duties as teacher of mathematics in the College, and from
January, 1877, the duties of bursar also, he had "wonderful success,"
as was said in the report of the Board in 1877. At the end of every
quarter he made a detailed report of all collections and expenses,
correct to a cent. Collections were reported as follows: in 1877,
$1,719.17; in 1878, $1,699.94; in 1879, $l,240.00. The falling off in
the last year was due to protracted sickness in the family of the agent.
In these years the number of beneficiaries in order was, 15, 13, 17. It
is worthy of note that a new spirit of hopefulness came to the Board
with the assumption by Professor Mills of the agency. It was well to
have as agent a
17 Biblical Recorder, March 29, 1876.
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