466 History of Wake Forest College
and on my return traveled the greater part of Sunday night and got to
the College just as the bell would ring for my first recitation." In 1880
the increasing number of students in the College with a greater burden
of work in the bursar's office compelled him to give up the service of
the Board.19
The next corresponding secretary of the Board was Professor C. E.
Taylor. He entered on his work February 13, 1880, and continued in it
until December 8, 1884, when his duties as president of the College
compelled him to resign. His qualifications for the place were
obvious. He had long taken much interest in the education of young
ministers; he had traveled much in the State as agent for the
endowment of the College and was known in the churches and
associations in all parts of the State and had the friendship, respect
and confidence of the ablest and most progressive of their members.
His success in the agency is indicated by the fact that during the
nearly five years of his service there was a large increase in all
departments of the Board's work. The number of beneficiaries and
receipts were reported as follows at the Conventions of the years
named: 1880, 22, $1,539.95; 1881, 23, $3,061.58; 1882, 28,
$3,141.80; 1883, 40, $3,862.26; 1884, 42, $3,458.47. The slight
decrease in the last year's contribution was doubtless due to the pre-
occupation of Professor Taylor with his duties as chief administrative
officer of College.
It is impossible here to make any detailed narration of the
contribution rendered by Professor Taylor as agent of the Board.
Something of the enthusiasm inspired by the greater service may be
seen in the following from his report to the Convention of 1881:
The receipts of the Board for the year have amounted to $3.465.63.
This is in advance of anything that has ever been done by the Baptists
of North Carolina in a single year for this object. During the first
eighteen years of the history of the Convention, the aggregate amount
raised for the education of the ministry was $3,718.09. This is only
$252.46 in excess of what has been contributed by the churches since
19 Professor Mills has a parting word in the Biblical Recorder of February 18,
1880, correct except as to dates.
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