468 History of Wake Forest College
successor was sought. This new agent was Dr. John Mitchell, who
took up the work, January 1, 1888, and continued it until January 1,
1890. The number of the beneficiaries by years as shown by the
reports to the Convention, was: 1888, thirty-nine 1889, thirty-six;
collections for those years were $3,776.20 and $3,619.06. The Board
was no longer able to receive all the worthy young ministers who
appealed for aid
For the year 1890 Professor J. B. Carlyle served as
corresponding secretary, and reported collections of $2,954.04, and
forty-five beneficiaries.
The next corresponding secretary was Dr. W. R. Gwaltney, who at
the time was pastor of the Wake Forest Baptist Church; he served
until December 6, 1893. These were years of great financial
depression but the number of beneficiaries retained about the same,
being 40 for 1891; 42 for 1892; 38 for 1893; probably because of the
financial stringency the applicants for aid were much more numerous.
The collections for those three years were $3,299.32, $2,842.17, and
Succeeding Dr. Gwaltney as corresponding secretary was Dr. John
Mitchell, who for the second time assumed the agency of the Board,
and continued as such from January 1, 1894 until June 4, 1901. It was
thought at the time that the Board should have a man in the field who
could give his whole time to the work. His pay was to be $30 a month
and expenses, but on June 9, 1898, Dr. Mitchell announced to the
Board that he would thereafter receive no more than fifteen dollars a
month. In this period the number of beneficiaries ranged from thirty-
one to thirty-eight; while collections ranged from $3,004.07 in 1894
to $2,332.96 in
On Dccembcr 1. 1900, the Board was out of
debt and all expenses paid.
On June 4, 1901, Dr. Mitchell's resignation was reluctantly ac-
cepted, and Dr. W. R. Cullom was unanimously elected his suc-
20 Convention Minutes for 1889, p. 28.
The number of the beneficiaries for each of the years, 1894-1900 inclusive in
order was: 33, 36, 36, 31, 34, 31, 38; the collections, as reported by the Treasurer of
the Convention, $3,004.07, $2,924.30, $2,765.95, $2,814.30, $2,468.16, $2,840.09.
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