The Board of Education, 1862-1915 469
cessor.22 Dr. Cullom was recommended for the place by his great
interest in the work of the Board. He had himself been one of its
beneficiaries; since September, 1896, he had been professor of Bible
in the College, and in that position had shown great interest in the
ministerial students and had organized a special course, carrying no
college credit, in which he sought to help them to a better
understanding of the minister's work. He had a deep sympathy for the
young men in their aspirations for a better education, and he was in
full accord with the Board in its efforts to provide for their support.
He was to remain with the Board until its character was changed and
the Board removed from Wake Forest by action of the Baptist State
Convention in December, 1914. In fact, Dr. Cullom continued the
work until July 1, 1915, since Dr. R. T. Vann, though elected
corresponding secretary on January 22, 1915, did not formally accept
until June 8 of that year, and did not take charge until July 1, when
Dr. Cullom had rounded out fourteen years of service.23
The editor of the Biblical Recorder in the paper of June 26, 1901,
while recognizing that on the whole the Board had been richly
justified by its work, expressed the view that there was growing
opposition to helping young ministers-some saying that such help
creates a weak spirit in those helped, and others that help was no
longer necessary; Mr. Bailey's hope seemed to be for the enlargement
of the work of the Board so as to support beneficiaries in other Baptist
schools of the State and in the Seminary at Louisville, which he
supported with several considerations.
In Dr. Cullom's term, however, the Board had its greatest period of
expansion. In the short space of fourteen years it in-
22 On Dr. Mitchell's resignation the Board passed the following resolution:
"Resolved, That the Board of Education desires to put on record its high
appreciation of the unselfish devotion, effective service, and Christ-like spirit of its
beloved retiring Secretary, Dr. John Mitchell, and to express the hope that he may
richly enjoy the rest and rewards so well earned by his long and laborious work in
the interest of ministerial education." See Biblical Recorder, June 26, 1901, for
editorial article of like character.
Reports of the Board of Education in the Convention annual for 1914 and
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