470 History of Wake Forest College
creased twofold and had twice as much income and twice as many
beneficiaries as at the beginning. In 1900 the receipts were 82,332.96;
they were $5,068.61 in 1910, and $6,120.61 in 1913, and $5,468.27 in
1914. In 1900 the number of beneficiaries was thirty-eight; in 1914,
seventy-seven at Wake Forest and twenty-five at the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary, 102 in all.24 Doubtless some of this increase
was due to the increase in interest in education of all kinds, especially
in high schools, and the consequent increase in the number of students
in the College, which rose from 307 in 1900-01 to 451 in 1913-14, but
much of it was due to the activity of the corresponding secretary, who
kept busy with correspondence with the pastors in all parts of the
State, many of whom he knew personally. He also found that the
pastors' conferences and schools which he organized during this
period were most helpful means of acquainting the pastors of the
churches with the Board's work for the young ministers at the
College. In order to be able to devote two Sundays a month to the
work, in June, 1902, he gave up the pastorate of one of the churches
he had been serving. He also gained much favor for the Board by
sending out the beneficiaries, usually in pairs, in the summer vacation,
to labor in the churches and with their members, helping in Sunday
schools and prayer meetings both in churches and homes, and
stimulating an interest in religion among the young people. The result
was that the Baptists of the State came to have a greater interest in the
work and a greater desire to contribute to it. An extraordinary case of
such interest was that of Mr. James F. Slate, who in January, 1904,
established a fund which with additions made before his death
amounted to 83,000, which as stipulated is used in making loans at a
low rate of interest to ministerial students. Others also made similar
gifts, among them, Mrs. W. O. Allen, a gift
24 For the years 1901-14 the number of beneficiaries and the receipts were as
follows: 1901, 51 beneficiaries, $2,959.53 receipts; 1902, 67, $3,812.50; 1903, 60,
$1,071.48; 1904, 61, $3,605.30; 1905, 72, $3,937.57; 1906, 72, $4,202.72; 1907,
53, $4,104.05; 1908, 57 and 18 at Seminary, $1,492.76; 1909, 65, $4,492.37; 1910,
60, $5,068.61; 1911, 65, $4,770.14; 1912, 80, $4,844.01; 1913, 98, $6,120.61;
1914, 77 and 2.5 at Seminary, $5,468.27.
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