The Board of Education, 1862-1915 471
of $1,000, the income from which goes to the general fund of the
Board. In June, 1904, Mr. John E. Smith, also of Stokes County,
established a smaller fund to be used as the State Fund. The salary of
Dr. Cullom was first fixed at twenty dollars a month, but was
increased on December 11, 1912, to $600 a year.
It would have seemed that no better arrangements could have been
made for the proper functioning of the Board than those in force
during Cullom's period of service as its agent. As was said above the
Board was located at Wake Forest, and nearly all its members
teachers in the College, who were interested in the beneficiaries and
in a position to keep a close check on their conduct and work, and
also to offer them a word of advice when needed and give them
sympathetic encouragement. The corresponding secretary, as teacher
of the Bible and of his special course for young ministers had
opportunity to become well acquainted with them, and he was in a
position to advise both them and the Board when occasion arose.
With his knowledge of conditions at the College he was stimulated to
make a much stronger appeal for funds that one ignorant of these
conditions could have done. Again, when he visited churches and
associations lie could bring reports about any beneficiaries of their
section and thus give them a new interest in the work of college.
The Board at Wake Forest knew what an advantageous arrangement
this was, and repeatedly expressed their unwillingness to change
From the first to the last they resisted a movement to have one general
board which should collect and distribute funds for all colleges male
and female, high schools, and theological seminaries. On the other
hand these other institutions were eagerly desirous that the Board
should collect money for the support of such of their students as
needed aid in their preparation for religious work. In the Baptist
Female University (Meredith College) and in the other Baptist
colleges for women were found those who purposed to become
missionaries or workers on the foreign mission fields. And in
particular friends of the Southern
25 Minutes of the Board for Oct. 31, 1578, Dec. 4, 1905, Dec. 7, 1908, and Nov.
30, 1912.
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