472 History of Wake Forest College
Baptist Theological Seminary at Louisville were clamorous that the
Board should aid students from North Carolina, since by this means
the Seminary officials would avoid much trouble. Why not have one
board located at some other place than Wake Forest which should
collect and distribute funds without bias and partisanship?26
As has just been intimated it was the Louisville Seminary that at
first was chiefly interested in having its students included in the
operations of the Board. Possibly, it was the Board itself that was to
blame for the trouble brought upon it. As early as September, 1882, it
was aiding some of the students at the Louisville Seminary, and
continued to help a few of them in the years thereafter, though not
without protest from some of the members of the
In voting aid to Seminary students, however, the Board made it
clear that they were assuming no general responsibility for others than
the students of the College; it was only when funds on hand justified
such action that they were willing to continue to aid some of the
Wake Forest College students who had gone to the Seminary, and no
others. They did not want to take up a burden which they thought was
not theirs. The Board did, however, on December 2, 1907, adopt,
probably only in a perfunctory way, the report of Corresponding
Secretary Cullom to the Convention of that year to "combine with the
work of this Board the work of raising and distributing such funds as
may be necessary to enable our young ministers to take a course at
our Seminary in Louisville." This report, being supported by the
report of the committee on ministerial education, was adopted by the
Convention. Being saddled with this new responsibility the Board at
its next meeting, January 6, 1908, accepted it with the reservation that
it would aid only such Seminary students as should be approved by
the Board. It was soon found that the new plan
26 The earliest expression of this view was in the editorial columns of the Biblical
Recorder for June 26, 1901.
27 Minutes of the Board, September 5, 1882, and September 13, 1883. Among the
first aided at the Seminary was D. W. Herring.
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