Biographical Sketches 501
hitherto exclusively of medical men-the only exception being that of a
civil engineer. . . . Governor Fowle among his first acts recom-
missioned him.... Professor Simmons was a most entertaining man in
conversation. He possessed the rare art of relating the incident in
point and of imparting to it piquancy and life. . . . His religious
impressions were reinforced by earnest conviction; so that when at the
age of fourteen he was converted lie stood on solid rock.... He loathed
both cant and obtrusive prominence, and instinctively shunned the
very appearance of them. Any service, however, which it seemed
clearly his to render, or to which he was appointed by his brethren, he
did and did well. His kindness to orphan, widow and the destitute,
spontaneous, genuine and abundant-even this was carefully guarded
from the appearance of obtrusion and from becoming a topic of
general remark.
His full conviction of the truth of the Bible, his deep experience of
grace and clear recognition of the work of the Spirit of God upon his
heart kept him steady and well balanced when the scientific world his
professional habitat-was astir with discoveries which gave rise to
hastily constructed theories apparently in conflict with the teachings
of the Bible. He believed in God the Creator, Upholder, Governor and
Redeemer, without mental reservation or secret equivocation.
But it was in the home circle that his virtues shone out most
brightly. There kindness, gentleness, tenderness in tone, speech,
action, ruled.
His death, which occurred on March 3rd of this year (1889), was
not unexpected. For more than a year he had labored under an
affection of the head which put it out of his power to engage in
regular work and rendered necessary a regular attendant.... His death,
strange to say. was immediately caused not by the disease which
perhaps in a very short time would have brought his life to a close, but
by a violent attack of pneumonia.
(Although much has already been said of Dr. William Royall, the
following brief sketch found in the North Carolina Baptist Almanac
for 1894, contains some matters of personal nature not already told.)
William Royall, D.D. LL.D. was born in Edgefield District. South
Carolina. July 30, 1823, and died in Savannah. Georgia. January 3,
1893. Before he was twelve years old he was baptized in Charleston.
South Carolina. At fifteen he entered the Sophomore Class in the
South Carolina College. and graduated at eighteen. For more than a
year he studied law. When twenty he was united in marriage to
Elizabeth Bailey, daughter of Dr. R. S. Bailey of Mount Pleasant,
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