50 History of Wake Forest College
was effective, although there is evidence that other influential friends
of young Ramseur were engaged in the same task.7 Ramseur was
pardoned and left prison on January 18, 1873. He returned to the
College for the work of the spring term in January, 1874. He
afterwards attended a medical college and became a practising
physician at Blacksburg, South Carolina.
In the Wake Forest Student for January, 1883, is an unsigned
article, "From College to Prison," which shows unmistakable
evidence of having been written by Ramseur, though there are several
ill-concealed disguises in it. The writer omits his last name and calls
himself David Summey, his given name. Instead of Shelby, North
Carolina, he writes Chessville, South Carolina. The story of his
release from prison is given a romantic turn, probably with some basis
in fact. In all essential matters this article is in accord with what is
known from other
Although the substance of Ramseur's
article has just been given, because of its vividness, a portion of it is
added here; the part relating to his arrest is as follows
"In the Eu. Hall the debate had already opened, and was growing
warm. David Summey is on the floor defending, in his earnest and
impulsive style, the character of Napoleon Bonaparte.
"A loud rap is heard at the door. The door-keeper announces to a
startled Society: `A United States Marshal wishes to see officially the
gentleman from Chessville.'
"Half the boys leaped to their feet with excitement at this
announcement, but a rap of the gavel brought them all to their seats.
‘I move we adjourn!' cried a member.
" ‘Second the motion,' echoed a dozen voices.
"The motion was carried and in a moment the members had col-
lected around Summey, who had not yet left his position in the floor.
7 Dr. Taylor told the writer that because of his activity in young Ramseur's behalf
he incurred the furious anger of Judge Bond.
8 Book of the Financial Secretary of the Eu. Society. General Catalogue of Wake
Forest College.
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