Volume I of this history, 1834-65, was published in 1935. Soon
afterwards the Trustees of the College asked the author to continue
and complete the work. This he did, bringing the story to the close of
President Poteat's administration, June, 1927. Thereafter, on advice,
he brought it down to include the administration of President Gaines,
1927-30, and that of President Kitchin, 1930 to date (September,
1943). This addition of new matter has made necessary some changes,
in an effort to give greater unity to the whole.
The amount of matter is so large that even without the additions
mentioned two volumes of more than 500 pages each were found
necessary to contain it. The present volume, Volume II, covers the
years 1865 to 1905, the end of President Taylor's administration. Both
this volume and Volume III, which will be published at the same time
as this, follow the general plan of Volume I as to type for main text,
footnotes and appendices, quality of paper, size of page and binding.
Failing to find a better plan for arrangement, a matter of much
difficulty, the author has treated in monographs such subjects as "The
Library" and "The School of Law," thinking that a consecutive
account would be more satisfactory to the reader than sporadic state-
ments made in chronological order in the main current of the history.
The same consideration has often caused the author to complete the
discussion to date of certain topics, such as the college calendar, when
they have been once introduced. He has been aware of the irregularity
of this, but has preferred to sacrifice regularity to unity and
convenience, even though it has sometimes involved slight repetition.
The reader will find in Volume II and III lists of names and
tabulations, even to a greater extent than in Volume I. That they are
for reference and not for reading is indicated by their place in
footnotes and appendices, the hope being that they will be found to
contain certain information often sought with much importunity by
students and others writing on topics in the
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