The College and Reconstruction 51
" `Well, fellows, my hour has come,' said he, in a half laughing way
as he gathered his hat from the center-table.
" `We'll see about that, old chum,' said a strong voice at his side.
`There are only six soldiers out there. We can lick that crowd so quick
there will be no fun in it. They are cowardly wretches any way who
have been mustered into Kirk's service. Dave, we'll rescue you in a
twinkling, if you say so.'
" `That we will!' shouted every boy in the Hall.
" `Boys, with your help I could escape, but I will not accept it. Your
kindness will not be forgotten soon. I don't propose to run.'
"In spite of all their protests he delivered himself up to the Marshal,
who at once arrested him.
"With a heavy heart he bade adieu to his schoolmates, and, casting
a lingering look at the old college building, signified to the soldiers
his readiness to depart."
* * * *
The following is from the account of the trial:
"He was arraigned before Judge Bond and tried as a simple
conspirator, since there was not the shadow of any evidence to sustain
the charge of murder. The jury consisted of eleven coalblack negroes
(so slick they looked like they had been greased with meat skins) and
another motley animal of uncertain color, who tried to pass for a
white man.
"They retired for about five minutes and returned. There was
silence in court as the dusky foreman, who was a sort of preacher,
arose to render the verdict: `May hit please yer onuh, we fin's dat
pris'ner guilty-wurl widout en.’
"Even the Judge could not repress a smile at the solemn flourish
attached to the decision, as he turned to the accused and slowly
pronounced the sentence: `Mr. Summey, by the authority in me
vested, I sentence you to eight years confinement at hard labor in the
United States prison at Albany.’
"The condemned man listened to these eventful words without
moving a muscle, and resumed his seat."
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