vi Preface
college history and by persons interested in genealogies. The
appendices also contain stories of visits to Associations, of college
servants, and other matters, intended to give the reader a better
,understanding of the conditions under which the College has
At no time has the College lived by itself. At all periods its life has
been closely related to the life of the State and that of our other
educational institutions. With this in mind the author has discussed,
often in separate chapters, such subjects as "The College and
Reconstruction," "The Eclipse of the University of North Carolina,"
and the contribution of the College to the development of education in
North Carolina, especially the public schools and academies, and has
treated with some fullness the opposition at various periods offered by
the College to appropriations for the higher educational institutions of
the State. The author has tried to do this without acrimony, for he
feels none, but believes it is due the College that a full account be
Primarily, however, this is intended to be a history of the College,
one to be read chiefly by students, alumni, members of the College
faculty and other friends of the institution. In pursuit of this purpose
accounts have been given of many things in which the general public
has only a spectator's interest-the literary societies, fraternities, Board
of Education, publications, religious life, athletics and students'
activities in general, but there is recognition of the fact that many of
these things often have had more than a local interest.
The author here expresses his warmest gratitude to Dr. Edgar E.
Folk, of the English department of Wake Forest College, who has
cheerfuly read the proof of this volume and offered valuable
suggestions. I must not omit a word of appreciation also for the
helpfulness of Mr. A. E. Hofmeister of the Edwards & Broughton
Company, who, with his proverbial care and efficiency, has helped
me get this volume through the press.
Wake Forest, N. C.
September, 1943.
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