Eclipse of University of North Carolina 67
brood over the University in order to destroy the last lingering hope of its
resurrection, and compel it to fall an easy prey to Trinity which has outgrown its
present accommodations.
We will make correction if this misrepresents Dr. Pool.
We believe it to be the imperative duty of the present faculty to resign
unconditionally and immediately. They are without a single student after having
advertised to teach free of tuition.
5. The Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians, though they have colleges of their
own, need the University to keep ever before them a higher standard of scholarship,
to conduct graduates through a more extensive course of study, to explore new
fields of inquiry and investigation-to furnish an Astronomical observatory, and
schools of Law and Medicine.
The Episcopalians, Quakers, Universalists, Lutherans, Jews, Catholics,
Moravians and other denominations, as well as those professing no religion, need
the University for the thorough education of their children.
The situation had not improved in a year, which moved Mills to say
further: "The case of the University seems to be utterly hopeless.
President Pool does not intend to resign, and he has no prospect of
ever building up a school. The Trustees have refused to resign, and
there is no probability that they will ever hold a meeting." 10
After another year the attitude of friends of Wake Forest to the
University was taking more definite shape. This became evident at the
meeting of the educational convention in Raleigh July, 1873, at which
meeting the revival of the University came up for discussion, which
was all friendly with nothing said offensive to good taste and the good
will that prevailed. Dr. Wingate spoke in favor of a resolution that
"the revival of the University at the earliest practicable moment is
essential to the thorough improvement of the education of the
people." (Battle, 445.) According to the report of Dr. T. H.
Pritchard,11 "Drs. Wingate and Pritchard for the Baptists, and Drs.
Craven and Mangum for the Methodists, took occasion to say, that
while they would favor the resurrection of the University proper, and
not as a rival to
10 Biblical Recorder, June 26, 1872.
Biblical Recorder, July 23, 1873.
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