Eclipse of University of North Carolina 71
himself "Alpha" in the Biblical Recorder of September 5, 1877, who
says: "In civil offices and in social life there has been from the first a
practical proscription of Baptists, Methodists, and some others. The
only effectual remedy is for each denomination to educate its own
sons and daughters. We must stand to our colors. If we give up our
education to others, we give to them a vantage ground that nothing
can reclaim."
The effect of the reopening of the University on Wake Forest
College was seemingly helpful. During the first year, 1875-76, there
was indeed a slight falling off in the number of students in the College
but next year showed a marked increase, from 82 to 98, and in
December, 1876, it was declared that "The prospects of the College
were never so bright since the war as
The possible
competition of the University was arousing some of the friends of the
College to unwonted activity, and they were urging the Baptists of the
State to interest in Wake Forest.
An editorial article, in the Biblical Recorder, September 5, 1877,
reads: "We earnestly hope that the Baptists, at least, will patronize
their own college. We are striving by many sacrifices in the midst of
hard times, to endow it. We have selected our men to fill our chairs
and we think wisely. They have scholarship, industry and experience.
They have been tried and we know their work. So far as they occupy
common ground in the courses of study in the State University-and
for many years to come they will occupy common ground-we may
reasonably expect them to excel. It would be strange with their
advantages of experience and training, and in age still fresh and
vigorous, if they did not. So long as the two institutions occupy
common ground we hope to lead. We have a fine start. We think we
shall have ample means."
President Battle of the University was friendly and gave assurance
that he regarded the task one for cooperation.
In a private letter to Dr. T. H. Pritchard, published in the Biblical
Recorder of October 2, 1878, he says: "What we need in North
Carolina is to arouse the spirit of education. There are
16 Biblical Recorder, December 12, 1876.
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