Beginning with January, 1867, the College had the same faculty
until June, 1870, except that John C. Scarborough, who had graduated
in 1869, was tutor during the year 1869-70. This faculty consisted of
President Wingate, Professors William Royall and W. G. Simmons
and Assistant Professors (officially tutors until June, 1868) W. B.
Royall and L. R. Mills.
After the close of the Civil War some of the former Trustees no
longer attended the meetings of the Board, but nearly all the more
active members of the ante-bellum period rallied to the work again.
Among these were James S. Purefoy, who served as treasurer until
November, 1872; W. T. Brooks, secretary of the Board until June,
1870; J. H. Mills, president of the Board from May, 1866, to October,
1867; T. E. Skinner, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Raleigh,
until he left the State for a Georgia pastorate in 1868; Charles W.
Skinner, father of the one just named, a charter member of the Board,
but though an old man faithful to attend the meetings until his son left
the State (he died on May 15, 1870); Alfred Dockery, also a charter
member, who after the war attended only one meeting, in May, 1866
(he died December 3, 1873); Samuel Wait, who attended the meeting
of the Board for the last time in October, 1866 (he died July 28,
1867); James McDaniel, the Fayetteville pastor; G. R. French, who
was at that time conducting the oldest mercantile establishment in
Wilmington; J. J. James, then living on a farm in Caswell County;
Archibald McDowell, head of the Chowan Baptist Female Institute;
R. B. Jones, the Hertford pastor and later until his death the agent of
the College; G. W. Purefoy, Council Wooten, J. B. Solomon, S. G.
Mason, S. S. Biddle, and Elias Dodson.
As the older members of the Board were falling away under the
infirmities of age their places were filled by younger men. Of
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