78 History of Wake Forest College
received as salary $1,785.71. The cash collected was probably chiefly
on old notes, which the Trustees had authorized him to
On Overby's refusal to serve longer as agent, at the proffered salary
of $1,500, the executive committee of the Board, on July 21, 1869,
asked President Wingate to take the field to canvass for funds,
agreeing to pay his expenses and the wear of his traveling outfit in
addition to his regular
At a later meeting, August 28, the
executive committee appointed Elder Thomas Butler Justice agent to
canvass the western part of the State, fixing his salary at one thousand
dollars to be paid out of his collections. Justice did not undertake the
work,11 but Wingate set about it promptly and visited nine
associational meetings, those of the Beulah, Cedar Creek, Central,
Cape Fear, Green River, Flat River, Salem, Transylvania and United
Baptist Associations. Everywhere he was welcomed and given the
privileges of the floor, but his collections, as reported to the Trustees
at their meeting in New Bern on November 11, 1869, were small-
pledges and new bonds 8600; collections of old bonds $700, and $40
for improvement of the College
Since the returns were so
meager, the Trustees advised that Wingate resume his duties at the
College with the beginning of the spring term .13
During the next few months the executive committee of the
Trustees appointed to the agency several men in order-W. H. Avera,
John Mitchell, R. R. Overby-but none of them accepted the place.
As was said above, collections on notes and pledges were small.
Those made on notes taken by Elder Jones have already been spoken
of. The report of the college treasurer show other col-
for June, 1868 and June, 1869. For Dr. Overby see sketch in
Minutes of Chowan Association for 1908.
Proceedings, p. 152f.
11 No further mention of his agency is made in the records. Shortly after his
appointment Wingate found him at the meeting of the Green River Association; he
was sympathetic but had not undertaken the work of agent. Biblical Recorder,
October 27, 1869.
12 Procedings, p. 154. In an appendix to this chapter will be found an account of
the difficulties of travel and collecting in those days.
13 Proceedings, p. 154.
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