Trustees and Endowment, 1865-1872 79
lections as follows: December, 1867, to June, 1868, $2,298.38; from
June, 1868, to June, 1869, $2,413.57; from June, 1869, to June, 1870,
$2,994.65; from June, 1870, to June, 1871, $1,730.31; from June,
1871, to June, 1872, $2,455.55; from June, 1872, to January 6, 1873,
S1,118.40, a total for this period of $13,310.78; adding collections
made before October, 1867, we have $13,468.85.
Part of this was collected by the agents, but the greater part was
sent direct to the treasurer. After Wingate had given up the agency
and no other agent was secured, the Trustees, early in 1870, put
collections into the hands of Elder J. S. Purefoy. He went at the work
with his usual vigor and promptness, sending a letter with a statement
to every subscriber that could be reached by the malls.14 Considering
the fact that many of the notes and oral pledges were old he had
surprising success. Doubtless both he and collectors of previous years
would have collected much more but for the adverse crop conditions.
The ruinous rains of 1867 were referred to above; the drouth of 1869
was almost as disastrous. Our people were greatly discouraged also by
the unsettled state of state and national governments, and were greatly
hampered in their religious and educational activities.
With the exception of a bequest of $1,000 by Dr. W. T. Walters,
and the gift of a thousand-dollar railroad bond by Dr. G. W. Purefoy,
the entire amount collected during this period went to pay current
expenses, such as the salaries of the faculty, repairs on building and
the improvement of the Campus. The amount furnished by the
treasurer for the salaries of the faculty during these years was as
follows: 1867-68, $2,224.38; 1868-69, $2,975.58; 1869-70,
S2,994.65; 1870-71, $1,451.18; 1871-72, $2,433.35, and 8611.50-a
total of $12,660.84.
A considerable portion of what was realized from subscriptions and
collections of agents went for repairs on buildings and improvements
of the Campus.
When the College again came into possession of its grounds and
buildings at the close of the Civil War it was found that the roof of the
College Building was leaky. In June, 1867, the
14 Biblical Recorder, February 23, 1870.
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