82 History of Wake Forest College
County), where they find a hearty welcome. Dr. Wingate preaches several sermons
and equals the lofty expectations of his hearers. His able and frequent speeches
prove how well he is posted on every question to be considered, and his numerous
friends will be glad to know that his health was never better."
From Berea Dr. Wingate made his way to Hendersonville, where he lodged at the
home of Rev. G. S. Jones, who on the next week-end carried him in his buggy to
Gloucester church, to the meeting of the Transylvania Association. Of this trip
Wingate wrote an account for the Biblical Recorder of September 29, 1869, of
which the following is an abridgement:
"Brother Mills: I promised to give you some account of the Transylvania
Association. . . . It proved to be a long way from the point of departure at Berea.
Leaving Hendersonville in company with Rev. G. S. Jones, we made for the valley
of the French Broad and undertook to trace it to its source in the wild mountain
region around Gloucester. Soon the lovely valley was spread before us. Charming
scenery all around-fields and flocks and herds. But as we paused now and then to
inquire the way, the warning would come, `You will never wish to go there but
once.' The second day, without adventure, we struck off to the right and soon found
ourselves clambering up the mountain sides.
"Blowing, panting, up and down, round and round, we could but think, long
before we got there, of the wheelwright's sign, `All sorts of turning and twistings
done here.' We fall in with company going to the Association; wiser than we they
were afoot or on horseback. The roads puzzle us. We take the wrong one-pass on to
a farm-get tangled up in a corn field-break down many promising stalks-told we
must turn around and. go back-fear indictment for damages, but get back and start
again for Gloucester. But have you trodden a mountain road, trodden once a month
by some stray team?
"Arriving at last our buggy is quite a curiosity-the first one, some tell us, that has
ever been there. We muse how we shall get about and around to the houses, for we
must sleep somewhere.
"The Introductory Sermon is preached by Rev. Robt. Jones, after which we have
recess-shake the hands of these strong mountaineers and get acquainted generally.
"Afternoon, they find time to transact some business-appoint their committees for
Monday and adjourn.
"Alas ! now comes the tug of war. We undertake to go three miles further into
the interior. The road is not graded, and the question is, which side of the buggy-the
top or bottom-will be turned up when we
get there.
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