86 History of Wake Forest College
November 11, 1870, at which time an unsuccessful effort was made
to get Rev. A. M. Poindexter. Again the executive committee took the
matter in hand but though they had several meetings they had found
no suitable person for agent when the Board again met in June, 1871.
At that time they elected Rev. John Mitchell to the agency, and he
accepted the place.
Mr. Mitchell, however, did not take up the work until January,
1872.3 He was successful from the first. In one evening he got
subscriptions to the amount of two thousand dollars. During the year
he traveled over the greater part of the State and attended the
meetings of many associations. Since he was well known the people
everywhere were glad to see him. As in his previous canvass in 1857,
by "his meek deportment, quiet activity, pious admonitions and tender
appeals he made friends for himself and for the institution."
Although his campaign never gave promise of yielding the fifty
thousand dollars he had set for his goal, he made steady progress
throughout the year. In June he reported twelve thousand dollars, and
on November 7, 1872, he reported pledges amounting to $17,193.50,
and cash collections of $1,370, partly on old notes. Doubtless both
these amounts were considerably increased before the end of the year,
when he gave up the agency. At the meeting of the Mt. Zion
Association, September 20, 1872, Elder G. W. Purefoy was present
and made response to Mitchell's appeal by giving ten shares of the
stock of the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, with a par value of
$1,000. This was long listed as a separate item in the assets of the
College. The total pledges were 81,400.
During the year 1872 the endowment of the College was an
obsession with many of its friends. One on whose heart the necessity
of going forward rested most heavily was Dr. T. H. Pritchard. He
thought that a campaign ought to be made to add two hundred and
fifty thousand dollars to its resources. At the meeting of the Board of
Trustees in June, 1872, he presented this view with
Biblical Recorder, January 17, 1872.
4 Resolutions of Trustees commending Mitchell, published in Biblical Recorder,
July 3, 1872.
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