The War of 1914-18 99
Peace, peace, with victory
Of Freedom and of Right
Over Old Wrong and Tyranny
New-risen in their primal, brutal Might.
Peace, peace, with more than Victory!
For now, our Mother, now at last
Those years of difference are forever past.
Silenced the poisoning tongue, the perjuring mouth
That made us East and West, and North and South.
Today, Americans are we!
America, on this proud day,
While many a land, at last made free
From time-long tyranny,
With lips and heart shall pay
Tribute of homage unto thee,
While on the waiting Mother's breast
Her Unknown Soldier Dead is laid to rest
Here, where they walked in life, we come to raise
A votive stone and speak the praise
Of our dead. Their all they gave
Unforced, unfee'd, the cause to save.
They came no ancient grudge to pay,
No conquered conqueror in turn to flay.
No fatal birthright to regain.
Yet vainly was our treasure spent,
Our sons were given in vain,
If Europe still on her old madness bent
Return to sow the dragon's teeth again.
Oh you whose cannon-shattered bones
Lie whitening still the Solitudes
Of Argonne Forest and of Belleau Woods,
Rise up, you prostrate ghosts, and stand
Nightly, a stern, condemning band,
By council board and throne
And bid all Europe heed:
Henceforth the hand that sows again
Today the fatal seed
Springing tomorrow into armed men,
Itself must reap alone
The wilful harvest it has sown.
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