In President Poteat's administration college athletics which in the
last year of President Taylor's administration had received a powerful
impulse from the appointment of a full-time director of athletics and
the reestablishment of the department of athletics, had great
development. Under the new director, Mr. J. Richard Crozier, the
interest of students both in games and required work in the
gymnasium was rekindled. Even in the latter, games of many kinds
displaced the formal routine of Indian clubs and dumbbells, and there
were public exhibitions, now and then in which the young men might
display their
To Mr. Crozier goes the credit of introducing intercollegiate
basketball in North Carolina. He began to give serious attention to
training in that sport in the fall of 1905, and had two exhibition games
between student teams in November and December of that year. Later
in the same year he had some class games. Making a selection from
those he had trained he formed a team and arranged games with some
other college teams, for January, February and March, 1906, when the
team played its first games away from home; on the trip it lost to
Guilford, Spartanburg Y.M.C.A., and Wofford College, and won from
the Charlotte Y.M.C.A. The next two games, however, excited much
more interest; they were with Trinity College (Duke University), the
first at Trinity, which Wake Forest won by a score of 24 to 10; the
second at Wake Forest, which Wake Forest won by a score of 15 to 5.
The Wake Forest team was composed of V. F. Couch (Capt.) and 0.
W. Ward, forwards; Kyle Elliott, center;
1 Wake Forest Student, XXIV, 418, 606f.; XXV, 160. "Besides his excellent
work with the ball team, Mr. Crozier gave athletics such an impetus as Wake Forest
has not experienced for some time, and as director he brought nothing short of a
revolution in the gymnasium work."
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