Athletics 109
T. H. Beverly and Earl Gore, guards, and B. F. Keith and J. B. Turner,
By putting a narrow gallery in the gymnasium and reserving the
part of the main floor just under it for seats Mr. Crozier provided for
the accommodation of spectators for many years, although with the
increase in the number of students and interest in the game the seating
capacity soon proved very inadequate. As director of the gymnasium
Mr. Crozier, in making playing basketball a regular part of the work,
had opportunity to find and train players, and so long as he was at the
College, until June, 1917, he never failed to have a good team which
won a very creditable number of the intercollegiate games which it
played. Since Mr. Crozier's departure the coaches of basketball have
been E. T. MacDonnell, 1917-18; I. E. Carlyle, 1918-19; W. W.
Holding, Jr., 1919-20; J. L. White, 1920-21; W. W. Holding, Jr.,
1921-22; Phil M. Utley, 1922-23; H. Henry Garrity, 1923-26; James
Baldwin, 1926-28; Frank S. Miller, 1928-30; Robert S. Hayes, 1930-
31; Fred Emmerson, 1931-33; Murray Greason, 1934 to date (1943).
In nearly all these years the College has had a good team.
From 1904 to 1911, and in 1915, Mr. Crozier coached baseball also.
He knew the game and turned out good teams. He also made much
improvement in the baseball grounds, which at that time were on the
old athletic field.3
As we have seen, football was discontinued in Wake Forest College
in 1895. Interest in its reestablishment was slow to develop. Full ten
years after, the editor of the Wake Forest
Mr. E. B.
Earnshaw, was expressing the opinion that,
2 Ibid., 252f., 498. "Wake Forest should be proud of our basketball team. Mr.
Crozier has secured for Wake Forest the honor of introducing basketball as an
intercollegiate game among North Carolina Colleges."
Baseball coaches since 1911 have been: Frank Thompson, 1912-14; J. R.
Crozier, 1915; G. M. Billings, 1916-17; E. T. MacDonnell, 1918; I. E. Carlyle,
1919; W. W. Holding, Jr., 1920; J. L. White, Jr., 1921; Saxe Barnes, 1922; Phil M.
Utley, 1923; Henry Garrity, 1924-26; James Baldwin, 1927-28; J. C. Caddell, 1929-
40; Murry Greason, since 1940.
4 Volume XXV, 236ff., December, 1905.
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